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Professional DTF Film Manufacturer
PrintWant, DTF pet film manufacturer, is a professional company dedicated to the development and sales of digital heat transfer media and solution. PrintWant's real hot peel double matte dtf pet film is very popular in the market. PrintWant has also develpoped different kinds of DTF(direct to film) PET film, including normal single/double matte cold/hot peel DTF film foil, glitter dtf film, luminous dtf film, reflective dtf film, golden dtf film/foil, silver dtf film/foil, DTF paper, UV dtf film and more.
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PrintWant will be present at the 2024 Fespa Eurasia exhibition, and will jointly write a new chapter of DTF technology
PrintWant has carefully prepared for Fespa Eurasia and will bring its best-selling Real instant hot peel DTF PET Film, Functional DTF Film and high-performance DTF Paper to make a stunning appearance.
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5 new production lines added in July to boost production capacity
As a leader in this field, PrintWant has once again taken solid steps and successfully added five advanced production lines in July this year, marking that its monthly output of DTF PET Film has jumped to a new height of 200,000 rolls.
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Test report of cheap DTF film on the market: a double test of quality and integrity
With the continuous development of Direct to Film (DTF) technology, many DTF film products have emerged on the market, including attractive and cheap options.
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