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Professional DTF Film Manufacturer
PrintWant, DTF pet film manufacturer, is a professional company dedicated to the development and sales of digital heat transfer media and solution. PrintWant's real hot peel double matte dtf pet film is very popular in the market. PrintWant has also develpoped different kinds of DTF(direct to film) PET film, including normal single/double matte cold/hot peel DTF film foil, glitter dtf film, luminous dtf film, reflective dtf film, golden dtf film/foil, silver dtf film/foil, DTF paper, UV dtf film and more.
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Professional DTF PET Film Manufacturer
In the context of the current explosive growth of the DTF (Direct-to-Film) market, PrintWant, as the first manufacturer in China to mass-produce DTF Pet Film, has been committed to providing customers with the best products and helping every partner in DT
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Excellent performance of PrintWant‘s DTF Paper
In today's printing and transfer industry, the emergence of innovative technologies is driving product quality leaps forward. PrintWant's DTF paper has become a high-profile new star in the market with its unique performance. It not only has the character
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PrintWant's DTF Pet Film: the industry model for perfect Instant Hot Peel effects
With the continuous innovation of digital printing technology, PrintWant's DTF pet film has become the leader in the market with its excellent instant hot peel effect. This DTF Pet Film has not only reached a new height in technology, but also continues t
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