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Professional DTF Film Manufacturer
PrintWant, DTF pet film manufacturer, is a professional company dedicated to the development and sales of digital heat transfer media and solution. PrintWant's real hot peel double matte dtf pet film is very popular in the market. PrintWant has also develpoped different kinds of DTF(direct to film) PET film, including normal single/double matte cold/hot peel DTF film foil, glitter dtf film, luminous dtf film, reflective dtf film, golden dtf film/foil, silver dtf film/foil, DTF paper, UV dtf film and more.
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PrintWant's functional dtf pet film usage instructions and features
PrintWant has launched the dtf printing with its innovative functional DTF (Direct-to-Film) pet film. This revolutionary product allows you to print on fabrics without the need to change your existing DTF printer, dtf powder, or dtf ink.
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Introducing PrintWant's Revolutionary Special DTF Transfer Film
PrintWant's special DTF film can be printed directly on using existing DTF printers, DTF inks, and DTF hot melt powder.
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Introducing the PrintWant New Anti Static DTF PET Film
Recently, we have developed a new formula for our anti-static DTF film, aiming to solve some of the challenges faced by the industry while maintaining the key functionalities that our customers have come to expect.
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