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Company Introduction

Why Choose us

Nanjing Rainbow Digital Technology Limited is promoting by the brand name PRINTWANT.
It means, in our company, we can help you print what ever you want to print.
Choose us to help you print want what ever.

PrintWant is a manufacturing and trading combo approved by China Economic and Trade Bureau and customs since 2012,
involved in sublimation paper, transfer paper/vinyls, DTF solution, like DTF film, powder and ink, selling related solution: ink, machine products
and providing technical support.

Although Covid-19 hinders diversified business activities around the world, but we still have some good news, the 5G technology are speeding up all over the world, in order to comply with the market development and the pressure of the covid-19, PrintWant has worked hard to develop the DTF solution.
Facts have proved that we have succeeded. Now, DTF has been promoted and popularized all over the world, and it has also become a new growth point in the epidemic environment. At present, we are actively developing UV DTF for hard surface transfer. We are confident that this will be another new growth point in the future.

Alex Wang, the founder of PrintWant, he is not a green hand in the digital printing technology industry, would never have been established without the interplay of many circumstances, many years of experience and knowledge of the field.
Since 2012, Alex has been involved in this industry, at the begin, he was committed to the research and production of heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl, two years later, he was turned to the sales of the heat transfer material.
At the year of 2015, he set one coating line to producing the sublimation transfer paper at that time, we are forced on China mainland.
in year 2017,we set another silting line for heat transfer vinyl, transfer paper for cotton fabric.
Finally in 2019, We started to do international business, and build International Trade Department to open the international market, promoting our own brand PrintWant, at the same time, we found all the client looked for one stop solution, Alex started to invest the digital machine factory to offer matched machines.

In the past few years, Alex has been dedicated to the digital heat transfer industry, actively developing new products, and keeping up with the market development trend.
Top quality products, full and professional One-on-one communication is the most basic service in PrintWant.

The service PRINTWANT offering:
1. Supply System:we have set up a strict procedure of raw material purchasing, production, transportation, trading and recall.
2. Production Management System: Strict human resource control system is applied to train production and technical staffs before they start work.
3. Packing System: All of our pallets and cartons are standard for export, we can also customize package with your logo on it for free.
4. Test System:  We will make test for products in three steps: raw material test, during production test and
before delivery test to ensure the quality of each batch.
5. After-Service System: Printwant has wholesome after-service process for customers including loading notification,  
ship tracking, products arrival notification, questionnaire for customers, etc.