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Analyze why DTF PET FILM is so hot?

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Update time : 2023-01-06 15:30:27
Analyze why DTF PET FILM is so hot?

Recently, DTF pet film is very hot. Many people in the market are paying attention to this solution. Machine manufacturers are all working on this solution, and the promotion is very hot. Without investigation, there is no right to speak. For this topic, PrintWant team found relevant end customers and technical personnel to investigate, and found that DTF pet film is not only very popular, but also will become more popular. Today, we will analyze the advantages of DTF pet film with you.

Why so hot?
The pattern of DTF pet film is clear and vivid, which can achieve the effect of photos. Heat transfer is actually a very early industry. The traditional heat transfer market is very mature, and inkjet heat transfer has also existed for a long time, such as thermal transfer heat transfer, pigment heat transfer, and weak solvent heat transfer. There are existing inkjet solutions, but the market is not warm, and the emergence of DTF pet film has completely ignited the entire heat transfer market. The reasons, I think, are mainly as follows:

1. The process is simple and easy to copy, and the popularity is strong
All fashion must be simple and easy to copy. After the original heat transfer digital printing, the printed pattern needs to be engraved and cut with an engraving machine to remove excess waste other than the pattern. The process of DTF pet film is to print ink directly on the film, sprinkle powder, and heat Color transfer, no need for engraving and waste discharge, and the process is simple. The core is that the heat transfer of dark-colored fabrics is directly sprayed with color and white, and dark-colored fabrics can also be transferred directly like light-colored heat presses. Can be transferred, simple and easy to operate.

2. Low investment threshold and fast market development
DTF pet film equipment mainly includes printers, powder spreaders, and presses. The overall solution cost is low, the investment threshold is low, and the floor space is small. It is easy for companies to enter this market, whether it is large factories or small self-employed. So the whole popularity is growing very fast. As long as there is demand or optimism in this direction, you can buy the whole set of ready-made equipment and produce it directly. It is very convenient and fast, and everyone can become an entrepreneur of DTF pet film!

3. Strong flexibility, reduce inventory cost
Another feature of DTF pet film is its flexibility, which can effectively reduce inventory costs. In the past, when selling T-shirts in the market, it was often necessary to print finished products in advance and make inventory, but now with the DTF pet film method, it is only necessary to store heat transfer films according to market conditions. When customers place orders, they will be processed into finished T-shirts. Greatly reduce inventory costs, improve capital turnover and use efficiency. Especially for e-commerce, it only needs to put up samples online, receive orders through online channels, and then transfer them, which greatly reduces inventory costs, and can launch new products in time according to changes in market popular elements at any time to meet the needs of a wide range of customer groups individual requirements.

Market outlook
DTF pet film will become the favorite of the entire heat transfer market for a long time in the future. At present, the market is still in the stage of plan formation, and whoever has a good plan can get a share of the market. As the market matures, the cost performance of the solution will become the hard currency in the entire DTF pet film market!
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