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Introduction to DTF Paper

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Update time : 2023-07-07 16:17:36
Introduction to DTF Paper

As the first factory in China to develop DTF pet film, PrintWant has been committed to providing you with the highest quality DTF Solution. After three years of development, our instant hot peel double matte dtf film has been highly praised by many customers and sold well in Europe, America and middle East.

With the continuous iterative update of technology, we launched a new DTF paper in 2022. After many attempts, the test results have stabilized.

DTF paper has a lower price, no need to change the DTF machine settings, DTF ink and DTF powder. It can also hot peel, comes in very vibrant colors, and feels great to the touch when finished. Many customers have tested our DTF paper and shipped it in large quantities, so don't worry about quality problems. It is very suitable for customers who want to expand the DTF Solution product line, or customers who are just getting started and want to try DTF.

The emergence of DTF paper is not to replace DTF film, but to complement the product line. Obviously, it can make our entire product line more competitive. Of course, it also has disadvantages. Like all paper, it will wrinkle. But PrintWant already has a solution, which can effectively avoid wrinkling and prevent the nozzle from being damaged.

PrintWant released several test videos of DTF paper on Youtube, you can watch it if you are interested. You can also come to visit our factory and discuss the latest DTF technology with us.

PrintWant is very optimistic about the development of the entire DTF Solution, as well as the new UV DTF Solution, and we will always do a good job in our products and be the strongest backing for our customers.
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