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Why choose PrintWant's DTF PET Film?

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Update time : 2023-09-01 15:40:35
Why choose PrintWant's DTF PET Film?
1.How to choose between double side film and single side film.
Firstly, let PrintWant explain what’s is single side film and double side film:
Single side film means, we only do coating on the printing side, the backside is without coating, the backside is glossy and very smooth, when you do DTF printing, the film go though the printer, we may face film shift problem and then the printing quality is no good.

Double side DTF film, we do double side coating on both coating side and backside, but please remember only the printing side can do DTF printing, the backside can’t do DTF printing, because of the backside coating, the backside is matte, when the film go though the printer, it will have friction, the printing quality will be better.

If your printer quality is good, you can using both single side and double side DTF film.
For our single side DTF film and double side which you tested, both are with same coating, so the printing quality is almost same, but the double side film is with backside film, because  of the backside coating, you will find the double side DTF film is with better coating looking.
2. What ratio is there between double side film and single side DTF film?
At present, for roll size film, 70% client is using the double side DTF film, the left client is using single side DTF film. For sheet side film, we have a brother dealer who modify his DTG printer, and then they have big quantity for single side sheet film, for this reason, 70% is single side film, the left one is double side film.
3. Is there a trend changing from double side products to single side products?
From current situation, the clients like double side DTF film mostly.
4. What countries is it available for our products?
At present, our main clients are in Europe and North America, they like good quality and instant hot peel DTF film.
5. Is it possible to customize for DTF film coating?
We can’t do it, for our current film, after past years research and testing, it is a mature products now, it is no good to change the formula, or we will need more time to test them in the market.
6. What kind of items we check for DTF film quality?
We have two sets demo printers in the testing room, our base film is around 4000 meters, when we finish coating before slitting the jumbo roll into small rolls or sheets, we will cut meters from per 1000 meters from the jumbo roll, and then we will do following testing:
a, Appearance checking, the worker will cut off the defect meters during the slitting process.
b, Ink absorption checking, we will print the film with 100% ink loading to check if the ink absorption is perfect or not.
c, Heat press checking, we will do hot peel, warm peel and cold peel to check the film releasing effect.
d, Cleanliness of powder shaking checking.
e, Washing fastness, 50 times.
f, Thickness checking, we will check the base film thickness and finished coating film thickness to make sure the coating is enough.

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