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DTF Solution/ Pet Films Case
Testing feedback of DTF Pet films from our clients
Client type:
They are distributors in their country about DTF soultion.
DTF tranfer films are the main material  for printer.

Client location:
Asia, Europe, South America...

Material :
Cold peel single-side and double-side coating 60cm*100m/ 30cm*100m pet films for dtf printer
Hot peel single-side and double-side coating 60cm*100m/30cm*100m pet films for dtf printer

Using feedback:
Some of our clients bought pet films from another Chinese supplier before, but the pet film comes out some problems,
such as low white ink carrying capacity,; low transfer rate,; low washing durability; low recognition rate....
Then we get intouch with them and recommend the most suitable one to them according to their demand.
Firstly, they buy 2-3rolls pet films for testing to ensure the quality. we are very glad to support them too. 
After testing, they conatct us and both of them give us the positive feedback.

if you have A3 dtf printer and you need A3 or A4 size for pet films, we suggest you use double-side coating pet films.

Here are the feedback of dtf transfer films from our clients:

If you have any problems about dtf pet films, please feel free to contact us.