NEW ARRIVING PW600 60CM printer and powder shaker all in one machine DTF printer with 2*i3200 printheads

Item No.: PW600
DTF PRINTER, DTF INK, DTF PET FILM all in one DTF printer, 60cm DTF printer, DTF Machine
PRINTWANT is promoting our new coming printer and shaker in one DTF printer.
1, 2*I3200/4720 printer head, when you print with 6 pass, the printing speed is 10/sqm.
2, Adjustable rotate touch screen
3, Auto-lifting ink station.
4, Conveyor belt, special powder control stucture
5, Extended dryer 2 stage drying tunnel.
6, easy to use, save costing
7, Japan THK silent rail.
8, Front heat plate
9, Pintheads anti-collision protection.