PrintWant New Arrival Silver DTF PET Film

Item No.: SDF-1
Name: Silver DTF PET Film.
Transfer Time: 15-20s.
Transfer Temperature: 160℃.
Size: 30cm/60cm*100m.
Peel: Cold Peel.

PrintWant New Arrival Silver DTF PET Film
DTF Film Leader In China

PrintWant has develpoped different kinds of DTF(direct to film) PET film, including noral single/double matte cold/hot peel DTF film foil, glitter dtf film, luminous dtf film, reflective dtf film and temperature change dtf film. More DTF rolls and sheets are in development. Follow us with faceook, instagram and youtube to get the latest new in DTF.

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 Specification                                                                           60cm*100m
 Transfer Temperature 150-155°C
 Transfer Time 12-15s
 Peel Off Method Cold Peel
 Ink Loading Maxium 400%
 Storage Temperature: 68°F–82°F (20°C–28°C), Humidity: 40–60%
 Application T-shirts, Sportswear,Fashion,Workwear, Home Decoration, Textile Goods